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Local attractions

Mazurski Raj - Hotel, Marina & SPA

Guzianka Sluice

The Guzianka Sluice is located between the Bełdany Lake and Guzianka Mała Lake. It was put into use in 1900, so more than one hundred years ago and works until the present day. The Guzianka Sluice is a very important connection point on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes. The sluice connects the town of Ruciane-Nida with the Nidzkie Lake and the rest of the sailing route. During the high season, you can see hundreds of yachts, motorboats, kayaks and other swimming vehicles here, including the so called white fleet.
Distance 3,8 km
Duration 5 min
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Forester's lodge in Pranie

The mysterious forest’s lodge hides the K.I. Gałczyński Museum. In July and August, you can take part in the so called poetry mornings and listen to famous actors reciting poems written by Gałczyński as well as pamper your ears with some classical music. Our forest’s lodge is frequently and willingly visited by many fine artists from our domestic circle. You should know that the culture events held in Pranie enjoy a vast popularity and win myriads of prizes, such as for example the plebiscite of the Gazeta Wyborcza in 2003 for the most beloved cultural spot of Warmia and Masuria.
Distance 13,4 km
Duration 18 min
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Rope Ferry Wierzba

The ferry in the Wierzba Town near Mikołajki is the only active ferry on all the Masurian lakes. These unique cruises on the Bełdany Lake are not only an appealing offer for tourists wanting some open-air impressions, but also a perfect short-cut for people going from Mikołajki to Popielno or Niedźwiedzi Róg. The ferry sets off every hour from 11:00 am until 5:40 pm (5:50 pm from Mikołajki), covering a distance of approx. 360 m, Such a journey lasts for 10 minutes and costs about 3 PLN / person.
Distance 12,4 km
Duration 13 min
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This little town is called the Pearl of Masuria and lies in isthmus between two narrow tunnel-valley lakes: Mikołajskie and Tałty Lake. The city centres is located at the Eastern bank of the Mikołajskie Lake. At the Church Square, there is a beautiful Classicistic Evangelical church from the 19th century with a high clock tower.
Distance 13,4 km
Duration 18 min
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