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Children’s balls at the lakeside

Halls like from a fairytale and a beautiful green garden – that’s the perfect place to organize the birthday party for your child! It can also any other event as well! We have lots of attractions to offer for the little ones!

The Mazurski Raj does its utmost to provide also the youngest Guests with everything they might have ever dreamt of. Having a whale of a time in the open air, jumping, running, trampoline, bouncy castles and much more – sounds so wonderful, ain’t it?

So, if you want to save time and avoid stress which would be inevitable if you organised the party yourself, don’t hesitate the coordinators and animators from the Mazurski Raj. It’s a piece of cake, really… Let us take care of every single detail, even the tiniest one! Your kids will be having the time of their lives, and you? You will have a moment for yourself at last!

A stay at our hotel is a splendid choice for a family vacation. At the shore of the Bełdany Lake, close to the Pisz Forest, we can offer you all peace and quiet or days full of adventures – depending on your wish. While our animators are playing with kids, you can relax a bit.

Our whole hotel infrastructure is there to serve the youngest, yet the most important Guests.

We have the following attractions to offer:

  • Artistic workshops „Painting with anything I want“
  • Culinary workshops „Cooking and botching“
  • Theatre – music workshops „What’s on“
  • Sport classes „Sport and playing – so who’s winning“
  • Jokes, pranks and tricks „Damaging and repairing“
  • Movement sensors XBOX
  • World of Illusion „Book of Secrets“
  • Reading fairytales „Sleeping Beauty“ and „Red Riding Hood“

Special menu, beverages and a sweet surprise – all of this can be ordered in the birthday package.

We do recommend this offer!

The Mazurski Raj Hotel*** is perfect for the little and these slightly bigger ones too!"

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