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Billiard Club

Attractions at the Mazurski Raj Hotel *** at the lakeside

Billiard club

This club is a kingdom of entertainment for families and friends. It will be a perfect way to regenerate and have a whale of a time in the evening. High quality equipment, special lightening system and all the necessary devices can provide you with everything you need for some sport rivalry. If you get thirsty during the games, our bar nearby serves delicious drinks.

Billiards is a game which requires lots of patience, calmness of soul, sense of distance, strength and space imagination. It’s full of emotions and adrenaline, yet on the other hand, it also teaches you patience. If you want to face your own weaknesses, improve your self-esteem – billiards sounds like a game for you. Bear in mind, there are a few variations and goals to choose from. A single game can aim at hitting your own balls into pockets (like in case of the Bank pool) or into the pockets of your opponent (like for Cutthroat).


The billiard room is a part of the recreation centre together with bowling alley, bar and disco.

Come and enjoy!

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